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The story of Felicia and Isaac is yet another story of how love happens in the most unconventional way. When i heard this story i was truly amazed and definitely had to share with you.

Once upon a time, Isaac’s brother worked with Felicia. He told her he had a brother and would like to hook them up. Felicia responded “No, I am not interested.” After trying to convince her a few times with no luck he gave up. One day Felicia went to 1 of the 1 million Wal-Marts and the same day Isaac went to 1 of the 1 million Wal-Marts. They both were at the same Wal-Mart and checking out of the store at the same time. Both of them had never met each other before and not even aware Isaac’s brother tried to make this union happen previously. For some reason out of nowhere Isaac just felt like he had to approach Felicia and he did. He asked for her phone number and her response again was “No, i am not interested.” Rather than walk away Isaac said to her “come on, It’s not like i am trying to marry you”. Felicia thought about it and figured that’s a good point. She proceeded to give him her number and the rest is history!

Felicia & Isaac tied the knot in a “vintage” inspired way . The wedding took place at the historic Hazlehurst House which was built in 1829. Felicia made her grand entrance into the ceremony in a retro black Cadillac. Felicia’s family is from Guyana so there was a cultural touch in the wedding as well. Overall, it was not only beautiful but an emotional and super fun wedding. Now i know folks from Guyana party hard..lol. Check out some pictures from the day. Enjoy!



Mom pep talk

Her 3 sister & mom

Felicia sang her heart out for her new Husband

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