Angela & Patrick Part 1 | Savannah | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

To kick off the wedding weekend Angela & Patrick had an All white rehearsal dinner on the Savannah Queen River Boat. So on the way there we decided to take some pictures which was pretty fun. We hopped on the small ferry boat that took us across from the hotel to where the Savannah Queen River Boat was. Then took some shots on the historic River Street (even got a shot with a moving street train). Then finally we got permission to take pictures on the River Boat before anyone was on board (Pretty cool having an entire boat to ourselves 🙂 ). This was a great way to start the weekend. I’ll be posting some wedding pictures soon. So stay tuned. Enjoy!

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  1. Angela & Patrick says:

    Patrick and I love the photographs! Steve, you have an awesome gift. We are so pleased with the moments you captured. Thank you!

  2. very nice shots steve…i am impressed with these pictures…awesome…keep it up and my regards to your family !!!

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