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Brooke Maternity Session

March 23, 2010 | Maternity, showcase | No Comments

A couple of weeks ago i did a maternity session for Brooke and her husband Stephen. Brooke was a great sport. I was really amazed with the amount of walking she was able to do at the park knowing she is due in a few weeks. We had a very relaxed and fun session. Congrats […]

Lance & Crissy Engaged

March 23, 2010 | Engagement Sessions, showcase | No Comments

I met Crissy through a mutual friend so “technically” I consider Crissy my friend also :). Crissy contacted me a few months ago about her wedding and wanted me to be her photographer. I was very excited about the opportunity and happy to be part of her special day. Crissy is a gentle, kind and […]

Mayowa & Lekan Wedding Reception

March 23, 2010 | showcase, Weddings | No Comments

Mayowa and Lekan got married in Nigeria this past December and as you would expect not everyone could make it. However, Mayowa and Lekan were so nice and considerate that they decided bring the party back back to cali cali lol.. Since all the formals had been taken care of this was a night of […]

Timi at 1 Month

March 23, 2010 | Kids, showcase | No Comments

Finally, a post on our new addition. As most of you already know, my wife and I had a baby last December (Remember i did a Maternity shoot for my wife click here).It’s been an interesting ride and a wonderful experience. It’s amazing how fast he’s growing and how much joy he brings into our […]

Liz & Nosaa Wedding

March 23, 2010 | showcase, Weddings | No Comments

Liz & Nosaa got married on Dec 12th. From the engagement session pictures you get an idea of how happy they are with each other. It was a day filled with joy and love regardless of the rain that fell all day. I am extremely happy for both of you and i wish you a […]

Monica & Isaiah are two really fun people. I had a blast taking their pictures and they needed almost no direction. They just came out and had fun and acted as if i was not even there. They are getting married in august and am looking forward to their wedding day. Below is a short […]

Geetha & Family

March 23, 2010 | Lifestyle, showcase | No Comments

Recently I took pictures for Geetha and her lovely family. This was not just a typical shoot it was one that signified victory, unity, and love. Geetha is a breast cancer survivor and her family got together to celebrate her 5th year anniversary. It was such a fun, happy, and love filled session. Below is […]

A few weeks ago i did an engagement session for Maliha & Chris and there was soo much love between both of them that it seemed like some sort of love photo We had a blast and i enjoyed every moment. The shoot took place at turner field and at grant park. Maliha and […]

Piper Family

March 23, 2010 | Lifestyle, showcase | No Comments

A few weeks ago weeks ago I did a session for the Piper family. I can honestly say it was a unique one. The whole shoot took place on the family property and included some close ups of a horse and two dogs 🙂 . I had a blast with the adventurous and fun piper […]