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A few weeks ago i did an engagement session for Maliha & Chris and there was soo much love between both of them that it seemed like some sort of love photo We had a blast and i enjoyed every moment. The shoot took place at turner field and at grant park. Maliha and Chris were definitely destined for each other as you will see in the short story below. Check out a few of my fav pics. Enjoy!

Chris and I met on our first day of classes at Emory University. During the standard introductions in our freshman seminar class, my ears perked up when this cute boy sitting across the circle said he was from Marietta – my home town. We started talking, which soon lead to walking to and from class together (even though we were both coming from and going to very different places on campus!). The chemistry was unmistakable from the beginning. We spent time together for over a year and eventually went our separate ways.
Several years later, we found ourselves at a party for a mutual friend. Despite the time apart, the chemistry was still there and just as intense as ever. As we all know, however, timing is everything, and it was another year before we were able to see each other again.
Finally, in August of 2007, we reconnected with dinner and a movie. We both had a great time catching up but it wasn’t until the end of the night when my tire popped and Chris insisted on changing it (despite the wonderful Georgia humidity) that I knew he was the one.

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