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Timi-Boy at 2 Months!

March 24, 2010 | Kids, showcase | 10 Comments

Our dear son is a lil over three months now. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and they capture alot of his personality. He definitely loves the camera and it shows from the pictures. We are getting more sleep between and enjoying lots of new moments with him:).  Check out a few of our favorite pictures.


Brooke Maternity Session

March 23, 2010 | Maternity, showcase | No Comments

A couple of weeks ago i did a maternity session for Brooke and her husband Stephen. Brooke was a great sport. I was really amazed with the amount of walking she was able to do at the park knowing she is due in a few weeks. We had a very relaxed and fun session. Congrats in advance guys on the new addition to your family! Check out a few shots from the session.

Lance & Crissy Engaged

March 23, 2010 | Engagement Sessions, showcase | No Comments

I met Crissy through a mutual friend so “technically” I consider Crissy my friend also :). Crissy contacted me a few months ago about her wedding and wanted me to be her photographer. I was very excited about the opportunity and happy to be part of her special day. Crissy is a gentle, kind and fun person and Lance is such a great husband to be. When i met up with both of them i noticed how great a match they were because their personalities complimented each other so well. The shoot took place at STATS Atlanta (their fav hangout spot) and at Centennial Olympic Park. We had an awesome and fun time. Congrats guys and looking forward to your wedding. Below is a short story of how the couple met and off course a few shots from the session. Enjoy!

Lance and Crissy went to Georgia Southern University and attended the same graduation ceremony, but they didn’t actually meet until they both moved to Atlanta. They remember seeing eachother in the GSU athletic center though – Lance attended a weightlifting class next to a volleyball class that Crissy taught. “She always wore blue Adidas shorts.” … “He was always reading or studying before class.” A mutual friend brought Lance to Crissy’s birthday celebration about two years ago and it was then that they became friends. They quickly began seeing more and more of eachother and soon became “official.” Today, Lance and Crissy can’t imagine their lives without one another and feel truly blessed in life and love. Their big day is in July and they can’t wait to say “I do!”

Mayowa & Lekan Wedding Reception

March 23, 2010 | showcase, Weddings | No Comments

Mayowa and Lekan got married in Nigeria this past December and as you would expect not everyone could make it. However, Mayowa and Lekan were so nice and considerate that they decided bring the party back back to cali cali lol.. Since all the formals had been taken care of this was a night of pure fun and partying. I had a blast even as i was taking pictures. There is just something about capturing people having a good time that just makes my day. Congrats again Mayowa & Lekan! May the lord grant you a long lasting & love filled marriage. Check out a few shots from the day!

Timi at 1 Month

March 23, 2010 | Kids, showcase | No Comments

Finally, a post on our new addition. As most of you already know, my wife and I had a baby last December (Remember i did a Maternity shoot for my wife click here).It’s been an interesting ride and a wonderful experience. It’s amazing how fast he’s growing and how much joy he brings into our lives. We’ve decided to attempt to have a shoot for him every month to capture the growth stages. One of my cherished moments so far was when I smiled at him and he smiled back..Simply PRICELESS! As you will see in some of the shots below he can be very happy atimes. He is such a character and can’t wait to do more sessions with him. Check out a few of our favorite shots.

First, happy new year to everyone! This is my first post this year. I know I have been MIA but I have a good excuse :). My wife and i had a baby a few weeks ago so it’s been quite hectic. We are getting a hang of the change so things are getting back to normal. Now that has been said let me introduce you to a very lovely couple Liz & Nosaa!

I’ve known Liz for some time now and when she asked me to take her engagement/wedding pictures i was pretty excited. I met Nosaa for the first time during the engagement shoot and immediately knew they were meant for each other. Looking at both of them interact I literally felt they just fell in love that same day. They are a fun and loving couple. I wish you guys they very best in your marriage. Liz and Nosaa tied the knot on Dec 12th and the wedding was really fun. I will be posting some wedding pics soon so stay tuned! Below are a few of my fav pics from the engagement session. Enjoy!

Monica & Isaiah are two really fun people. I had a blast taking their pictures and they needed almost no direction. They just came out and had fun and acted as if i was not even there. They are getting married in august and am looking forward to their wedding day. Below is a short story of how they met and some of my fav pics. Also included a slide show at the end that has more pics. Enjoy!

Isaiah and I met in November 2006 while we were hanging out with friends in downtown Atlanta. We noticed each other from across the room. And totally out of character for Isaiah, he approached me, we began talking. He possesed a sweet, honest, kind disposition that was rare. We were immediately comfortable with each other and we talked most the the evening. We exchanged numbers and became friends. Not long, our friendship blossomed into romance and we began dating. On March 28, 2009 Isaiah proposed on a private beach on Grand Bahama Island. We are thrilled and planning our 2010 wedding!

Geetha & Family

March 23, 2010 | Lifestyle, showcase | No Comments

Recently I took pictures for Geetha and her lovely family. This was not just a typical shoot it was one that signified victory, unity, and love. Geetha is a breast cancer survivor and her family got together to celebrate her 5th year anniversary. It was such a fun, happy, and love filled session. Below is a short story about Geetha & her family and off course my favorite pics from the session. Enjoy!

On the weekend of October 23, 2009, my family converged on Atlanta from all over the country to surprise me in a weekend of unbridled celebration! Was it a birthday? Of sorts you could say… You see, around this time, five years ago, i was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 27. Yet, I consider the date I was given that devastating cancer diagnosis to be my de facto BIRTH-day. Ironically, it was the experience of being ravaged by and fighting a life threatening illness that actually taught me how to live, love, value, and appreciate the countless blessings I have been given …I understood in a way I had never before, and that allows me to live more fully than I could have ever imagined. So it became my birthday, the first day of the rest of my amazing life. And through it all, there was my ever-loving, ever-devoted family…my very own cheering squad,and army, ready to do battle with me. As they always have, they loved me, supported me, encouraged me, made me laugh, made me feel strong, let me cry, yet never let me lose sight of God’s blessings. The loss and struggle that came with the cancer experience were transformative experiences not only for me as the patient, but also for my family. It is a profound shared life experience, impacting each of us in different ways, and has become an extraordinary chapter in the story of our family.

5 years later, we are triumphant! I love these pictures commemorating our reunion weekend because they capture so many milestones….so very many incredible things that our family has to celebrate that have happened in the last 5 years:

– All the girls Pretty in Pink for me (Geetha) kicking breast cancer’s butt!!!!
– I met Harry, the man of my dreams last year,…and got a “Spider-Man” kiss from him!
-The birth of my cousin Lakshmi and Jai’s amazing daughter Leena…and getting to play a rousing game of “Duck, Duck, Juice” with her!
– Welcome soon-to-be mommy and daddy Uma and James and their son! (see Uma’s belly bump =)
– Newlyweds Hari and Sheila (and gaining another loving sister!)
– And my incredible little sister Sheila who is rocking grad school and passed her Boards…and who continues to teach me, her big sis, about life.

Our reunion weekend was a celebration not only of each of us individually…but more importantly, a celebration of our family and the amazing qualities we share together:

We find strength and support in each other
We love each other unconditionally.
We stand by one another
We each love our niece (and future nephew!) as our very own children
We are each others’ biggest fans
We revel in laughter
We celebrate life exuberantly
We are fiercely devoted to each other
We know family is a Divine gift, and we cherish each other.

A few weeks ago i did an engagement session for Maliha & Chris and there was soo much love between both of them that it seemed like some sort of love photo We had a blast and i enjoyed every moment. The shoot took place at turner field and at grant park. Maliha and Chris were definitely destined for each other as you will see in the short story below. Check out a few of my fav pics. Enjoy!

Chris and I met on our first day of classes at Emory University. During the standard introductions in our freshman seminar class, my ears perked up when this cute boy sitting across the circle said he was from Marietta – my home town. We started talking, which soon lead to walking to and from class together (even though we were both coming from and going to very different places on campus!). The chemistry was unmistakable from the beginning. We spent time together for over a year and eventually went our separate ways.
Several years later, we found ourselves at a party for a mutual friend. Despite the time apart, the chemistry was still there and just as intense as ever. As we all know, however, timing is everything, and it was another year before we were able to see each other again.
Finally, in August of 2007, we reconnected with dinner and a movie. We both had a great time catching up but it wasn’t until the end of the night when my tire popped and Chris insisted on changing it (despite the wonderful Georgia humidity) that I knew he was the one.