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I posted some of Nike & Patrick’s Traditional wedding pics earlier but wanted to share the main wedding pictures. Nike and Partrick tied the knot at the historic Stone Mountain Park. It was a small intimate ceremony but lots of fun. Congrats again guys! Check out some of my faves for the day.

Dad is the best man. Thats awesome!

Here is the groom thinking…the moment is here i need to stay calm and

Here is the Bride thinking…..You know i am ready, been waiting my whole life for this moment!!

Its official..lets kiss 🙂

Nike and Patrick’s union was a cultural fusion and quite interesting. Patrick is from Haiti while Nike is from Nigeria. Since the bride is from Nigeria she was handed over to Patrick according to the traditional customs. It was really nice to see how both families loved and embraced each other as one. I will be posting the other wedding pics soon. Congrats Patrick and Nike! Check out a few pictures from the day.

A few weeks ago i did a maternity for Temi and Wale. Temi was soo fun and active  that i almost forgot how close she was to her due date. We had a really good time on another hot afternoon in atlanta. Looking forward to meeting the little baby. Congrats guys! This shoot took place at the Virginia Highlands Park. Check out a few shot from the day.

Kiana & Mario Atlanta Wedding

June 15, 2010 | showcase, Weddings | 6 Comments

Recently i shot Kiana and Mario’s wedding. Kiana is such an upbeat and fun person so i knew her wedding would be interesting. I had a blast capturing all the moments and it seemed like the young ones had the most fun. Congrats again Kiana & Mario and i wish you both a love filled and happy married life!

Timi @ almost 5 Months

June 2, 2010 | Kids, showcase | 17 Comments

Yes he is growing soooo fast and showing us his personality everyday! We are enjoying every moment of his growth phase. I love how when i am having a conversation with my wife he would just stop whatever he is doing and start staring at us like he is part of the conversation. It’s really amazing to see the little and new things he does every day. I know i skipped the 3rd month please bear with me 🙁  although we did a shoot just been too busy to post. Here are a few pics from the shoot. Enjoy!

Remmy & Ayor Wedding

May 20, 2010 | showcase, Weddings | 9 Comments

Recently i shot  a wedding for Remmy and Ayor. They are such a happy couple and you could just tell they were very excited to tie the knot. It was a lovely day for a lovely wedding. Congrats guys and wish you both a happy married life. Check out a few pics from the day.

Pollard Family – 3G’s

May 7, 2010 | Kids, Lifestyle, showcase | 12 Comments

A few weeks ago i had the opportunity to shoot such a unique session that featured three generations of lovely Pollards. It was a really beautiful and emotional session. It was also a tribute to mothers and their constant never ending love and affection. The Pollard’s were soo much fun and we really had a blast. Happy Mothers day to all the Beautiful and Caring moms out there! Check out a few of my favs

Harry contacted me a few weeks before his grand plan to ask if a could capture the special moment. I was really excited about the opportunity and also the fact that i’ve worked with them before . I was very happy for Harry as his plan worked to perfection and off course Geetha said “YES”!! The proposal was done on the rooftop of the W hotel Downtown. . This is my second roof top proposal coverage (Aziz and Dion) so i was very prepared :). Below is a short story from the bride-to-be’s perspective and a few shots from the day. Enjoy

Meeting Harry was nothing short of “by Divine design.”   Of all the billions of people and places in the world that my perfect other half could have been….he lived just five floors below me in our condo building!  There is no way that our meeting could be chalked up to mere serendipity.  We have shared the most memorable, blessed, and magical sixteen months of our lives.  Harry possesses a true gift in turning what might otherwise be considered mundane into something absolutely extraordinary and magical.,,or something that would be memorable into something unforgettable.  The day that Harry proposed, he told me we would be celebrating a huge milestone in my life… the 5-year anniversary of beating cancer (I am a breast cancer survivor).  He told me he would pick me up at 6:30, but when I left my office building that Friday, Harry was no where to be found, but instead he had sent a black towncar with a driver!  The driver took me to the W Hotel Downtown, where Harry stood beaming and dangerously handsome in his suit.  He handed me a single rose and said that he wanted to share more milestones with me.  After champagne, and strawberries and chocolates, the W’s manager said “we’re ready for you.”  I thought we were going to have dinner at the steakhouse in the hotel, but instead, the manager led us to a set of hidden elevators, and pressed the top floor labelled “H.”  I had no idea what it stood for.  When we got to the top, we stepped out…and were literally outside atop the W Hotel and….there was a helicopter waiting for us!  My jaw dropped.  After a breakthtaking tour of Atlanta by helicopter where we saw the sun go down and the sky radiate pink and purple hues, we landed on top of the Helipad and Harry walked me to one side of the helicopter, and asked me if I was happy.  No words could begin to express the sheer joy I have experienced with Harry these last sixteen months.  He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and then on bent knee proposed against a  backdrop of the Atlanta skyline ensconsced by the cotton candy sky.  The tears of joy kept coming and coming…and when I thought nothing could get better than this…Harry turned me around, only for me to find my parents, Harry’s parents, and his sister standing there on the helipad!  Being able to share the most joyous moment of our lives with our families meant more than the world to both of us. So….just like that, Harry turned the anniversary of the hardest period of my life, into the happiest moment of my life.  As surreal as this fairytale proposal was…the best part is that every day I get to be loved by Harry feels like this.  Truth be told, I could not have conjured a man as amazing as Harry even in my wildest dreams, where imagination knows no bounds!


Lorretta & James E-Session

April 14, 2010 | Engagement Sessions, showcase | 16 Comments

I did an E-session for Lorretta & James recently and came to the conclusion that no matter how long it takes you can still find true love and Happiness. Both Lorretta and James already had families of their own but somehow they were able to find each other. During the session it was really evident that they were meant for each other. Congrats guys and looking forward to the wedding in July! Below is a short story on how they met and a few of shots from the session.

During Thanksgiving season of 2008 James was shopping and planning the meal with his daughter and family. James said a prayer and asked for a partner in his life to share future holidays with moving forward. I happened to have log on to an on line dating site for only the third time to look around and THERE HE WAS!  His NEW profile was sweet, endearing and heartfelt.  I could tell he was a great man from the brief description. We met the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and went on our first date the Friday after.  Our FIRST date was actually an all day event.  Starting with a workout at the gym, lunch, museum and then out for live blues. It was unforgettable and sparked our love for each other as the days and months past.  James and I both have busy schedules, careers, kids and family but we always find time to connect with each other for those special moments that will last forever.

Yemi & Bukky Engaged

April 6, 2010 | Engagement Sessions, showcase | 18 Comments

Yemi is a great friend of mine and we go waaaaay back…back when marriage was not even in our “Top 100” things to Now i am married and he’s getting ready to do the same. When he got engaged to his lovely fiancé Buky i told him i had to do his engagement session but he actually did not have a choice :). We had a great time at Stone Mountain Park and the weather was just right. Looking forward to the wedding in December and wish you both the very best!