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November 30, 2010 | showcase, Weddings | 8 Comments

From the time I met Ale & Jeremy I knew their special day was going to be a love filled day. I had such a great time capturing all the great moments and believe me there was not a dull moment on this day. Congrats guys and I wish you both a happy married life. I have the story on how the couple met. It’s definitely an interesting one. A piece of advice for anyone looking for a future spouse…never underestimate where you can potentially find your soul Check out the story below. Enjoy.

Jeremy was a branch manager at Enterprise I used to rent cars from him to go back and forth to New Orleans that’s home.  Well I rented with him for a year and even followed him to different offices because he was always real nice. Anyway, one of the last times I rented from him he put me in a really nice car and asked me to return it to his office because the previous rental I returned it to another branch. So I did it again dropped the car at another branch so that evening Jeremy calls  to let me know he noticed I returned the car somewhere else and before he could say anything I was apologizing and told him that I owed him and would take him to lunch. Well he wanted me to return the car because he was planning to ask me out and he called to ask me out and I asked him. We’ve been inseparable ever since May 30 2007. We come from different backgrounds, raised very differently and yet we aren’t that different from each other

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