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Timi @ almost 9 months | Atlanta

September 30, 2010 | Kids, Lifestyle, showcase | 20 Comments

Hello friends and family of mommy and daddy, I know it’s been a while since mommy and daddy put up some pictures of me but the truth is I’ve been keeping them vewwy vewwy busy. You see now I get around pweety fast using my crawl-mobile and it’s very effective but I hope to get my walking license soon so I can walk. I heard its vewwy vewwy fast. Well, I’ll like to share a little about me. I am much bigger, smarter, and can stand (oh yea with a little help from mommy and daddy). I like treasure hunting and putting little things in my mouth (most of them don’t taste that great but a crawler has no choice). I love milk and grown people food but hate the mushy stuff mommy and daddy try to give me sometimes. Every once in a while I’ll grab mommy or daddy’s legs and ask them to carry me so I can get a great aerial view of my surroundings. Its pweety cool and you should try it too. Overall, I love mommy and daddy because they take really good care of me and I get to do awesome photo shoots every month. Hopefully I’ll show you some more pictures next month so stay tuned like bugs bunny in Looney tunes. baah baah 🙂

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