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Rolly and Ademola are such a lively couple. The chemistry between both of them was great and all I really had to do was capture it. I am really looking forward to their wedding and I know it will be fun. The shoot took place at the beautiful Galleria Gardens. Below is a short story on how the couple met. Also check out a few of my favs from the day.

We were match-made by a mutual friend of ours, Debola. But before being match-made, we had briefly seen each other at Debola’s older brother’s baby shower. I was fronting as usual and so was he, lol. Just kidding! I actually made a fool of myself that day because I snatched his pencil from him during one of those baby shower games, and he shot me the dirtiest look ever. When I noticed that, I peacefully gave his pencil back. About a week later, Debola called me and started his match-making tricks (See the hand of God in all this?). He called me, then we started talking every night. We started dating seriously a month later and God’s brought us this far.

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