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Marie Family | Atlanta Photographer

March 10, 2011 | Kids, Lifestyle, showcase | 13 Comments

Hello friends, on this post i decided to switch things up a bit. I noticed i have not posted kid/baby pictures in a while so i decided to share the Marie family session. Filesha recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Sofia and wanted to use the opportunity to get pictures of the whole family. Her twins Melia & Laila were an interesting & curious duo. Every time i pointed the camera at them they would stare at me with a look that says “who are you and what are you doing?” lol. Its always fun capturing kids on camera since you’re constantly chasing them around and never know what’s going to happen next. I really had a nice time with the Hannif family. Check out a few images from the day along with some comments. Enjoy.

This is a shot that i feel both sisters will forever cherish. The smile from Laila suggests the simple joy of just having a twin sis. I converted it to black & White to give it a timeless feel.

You can pretty much get an idea of their personalities from these images. The beauty of unique twins.

The first image depicts the sincere mother & Child love with mom joyfully gazing down at her precious newborn. Definitely a beautiful moment. If you doubt the immediate bond a baby has with mommy check out the  second image and notice how Sofia tightly grips mommy’s finger. That’s what you call natural instincts 🙂

Melia & Laila: toddler models in the making.

Really love this image. I was able to catch them all focused on the toy book and its a genuine moment were mom is glad to do the honors. I relate to this because my son loves when we read to him.

Beautiful Sofia taking a peaceful nap. There is just something calming about watching a newborn sleep. You’ll have a deeper appreciation for life.

I wanted to get a shot of the full colorful outfit Sofia was rocking. Very cute.

I captured the same image from a different angle. Wanted to focus on the face and have the ruffles and color of the
outfit slightly blurred to give a unique look.

Mom, Dad & Sofia the newest member of the family. Unconditional Love.


I had the privilege of taking pictures for the Atunnise family. Pastor Tim & Pastor Becky are the pastors of my church Global Visions Ministries. They are a down to earth family and like a second family to me. I had a great time with them along with their two kids Tomi and Yinka. Check out a few pics from the session Enjoy!

Incredible Timi’s 1st Bday Bash | Marietta

December 16, 2010 | Kids, showcase | 17 Comments

A few days ago we celebrated Timi’s 1st Birthday. We are extremely thankful to God for allowing our son to reach this major milestone.  I want to give a shout out to my wife for an amazing job putting this party together which turned out great! She also made the cake, brownies, cupcakes, Meat pies & Sausage rolls from scratch. You truly ROCK! Also want to thank everyone that put in time to help with the party..We truly appreciate you and Love you! As you’ll see in the pictures we really had a great time. Check out a few from the day.

For any pastry orders/inquiries contact pastrydelite@gmail.com

The A-Team | Piedmont Park

November 3, 2010 | Lifestyle, showcase | 14 Comments

A few weeks ago i did a shoot for the Akinkanju Fam (A-Team :)) which featured my good friend Titi and her siblings Bola and Ajibola. We had waaayy too much fun on this shoot which is really how it should be when 3 close siblings come together. It makes me want a family shoot as well! Thanks guys for being great sports! Check out a few pics from the day.


Buky & Yemi Maternity Session | Duluth

October 11, 2010 | Maternity, showcase | 11 Comments

Yemi is a great friend of mine. When i found out Yemi and Buky were expecting i was extremely happy for them. I already knew doing a maternity session for them was a must. The baby recently arrived and she is soo precious (She looks more like mom..sorry Yemi :)) Congrats guys i know you will be excellent parents. Check out a few of my faves from the session.

Timi @ almost 9 months | Atlanta

September 30, 2010 | Kids, Lifestyle, showcase | 20 Comments

Hello friends and family of mommy and daddy, I know it’s been a while since mommy and daddy put up some pictures of me but the truth is I’ve been keeping them vewwy vewwy busy. You see now I get around pweety fast using my crawl-mobile and it’s very effective but I hope to get my walking license soon so I can walk. I heard its vewwy vewwy fast. Well, I’ll like to share a little about me. I am much bigger, smarter, and can stand (oh yea with a little help from mommy and daddy). I like treasure hunting and putting little things in my mouth (most of them don’t taste that great but a crawler has no choice). I love milk and grown people food but hate the mushy stuff mommy and daddy try to give me sometimes. Every once in a while I’ll grab mommy or daddy’s legs and ask them to carry me so I can get a great aerial view of my surroundings. Its pweety cool and you should try it too. Overall, I love mommy and daddy because they take really good care of me and I get to do awesome photo shoots every month. Hopefully I’ll show you some more pictures next month so stay tuned like bugs bunny in Looney tunes. baah baah 🙂

K&K Maternity Shoot | Grant Park Atlanta

September 9, 2010 | Maternity, showcase | 6 Comments

I did a shoot for Kareena and her husband Khalil a while back and it was a really playful, fun and relaxed shoot on a beautiful day. The shoot took place at Grant Park. The baby actually arrived recently so they are now new & proud parents! Congrats guys! Check out a few of my favorite pics from the day. Enjoy.

Timi @ almost 5 Months

June 2, 2010 | Kids, showcase | 17 Comments

Yes he is growing soooo fast and showing us his personality everyday! We are enjoying every moment of his growth phase. I love how when i am having a conversation with my wife he would just stop whatever he is doing and start staring at us like he is part of the conversation. It’s really amazing to see the little and new things he does every day. I know i skipped the 3rd month please bear with me 🙁  although we did a shoot just been too busy to post. Here are a few pics from the shoot. Enjoy!

Timi-Boy at 2 Months!

March 24, 2010 | Kids, showcase | 10 Comments

Our dear son is a lil over three months now. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and they capture alot of his personality. He definitely loves the camera and it shows from the pictures. We are getting more sleep between and enjoying lots of new moments with him:).  Check out a few of our favorite pictures.