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Audrey is here!

June 13, 2011 | Kids, Lifestyle, showcase | 7 Comments

I did a maternity session for Ale & Jeremy a while back and was really looking forward to meeting Audrey. When they called me that Audrey had arrived i was pretty excited and happy for both of them. Ale & Jeremy are truly blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Audrey was wide awake yet peaceful during the entire session. Congrats guys on the new addition to the family. Check out a few pics from the session. Enjoy!


1. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

2. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

3. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

4. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

5. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer6. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

7. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer8. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

9. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

10. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

11. Audrey Collins | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Family Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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Marie Family | Atlanta Photographer

March 10, 2011 | Kids, Lifestyle, showcase | 13 Comments

Hello friends, on this post i decided to switch things up a bit. I noticed i have not posted kid/baby pictures in a while so i decided to share the Marie family session. Filesha recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Sofia and wanted to use the opportunity to get pictures of the whole family. Her twins Melia & Laila were an interesting & curious duo. Every time i pointed the camera at them they would stare at me with a look that says “who are you and what are you doing?” lol. Its always fun capturing kids on camera since you’re constantly chasing them around and never know what’s going to happen next. I really had a nice time with the Hannif family. Check out a few images from the day along with some comments. Enjoy.

This is a shot that i feel both sisters will forever cherish. The smile from Laila suggests the simple joy of just having a twin sis. I converted it to black & White to give it a timeless feel.

You can pretty much get an idea of their personalities from these images. The beauty of unique twins.

The first image depicts the sincere mother & Child love with mom joyfully gazing down at her precious newborn. Definitely a beautiful moment. If you doubt the immediate bond a baby has with mommy check out the  second image and notice how Sofia tightly grips mommy’s finger. That’s what you call natural instincts 🙂

Melia & Laila: toddler models in the making.

Really love this image. I was able to catch them all focused on the toy book and its a genuine moment were mom is glad to do the honors. I relate to this because my son loves when we read to him.

Beautiful Sofia taking a peaceful nap. There is just something calming about watching a newborn sleep. You’ll have a deeper appreciation for life.

I wanted to get a shot of the full colorful outfit Sofia was rocking. Very cute.

I captured the same image from a different angle. Wanted to focus on the face and have the ruffles and color of the
outfit slightly blurred to give a unique look.

Mom, Dad & Sofia the newest member of the family. Unconditional Love.


Recently i shot a surprise proposal at Piedmont Park Atlanta. I really enjoy capturing these types moments because you always get a once in a lifetime reaction. You always hear about the master proposal plan but sometimes it might just have to be tweaked because things don’t turn out exactly as planned. This was the case with this proposal. Keith had the vision of it happening at Atlanta Botanical Gardens but Tatiana’s flight arrival time was extended and by the time they arrived at the location it was closed. Now on to plan B.  Keith made a quick decision to propose at the near by Piedmont Park.  I got to do some stealth mission photography since my goal was not to be seen until the proposal begins. At the end of the day everything worked out and Tatiana said YES! Check out the pictures below and also a short story on Keith’s plan from the start.  Enjoy!

Tatiana and I met in 2007 at the University of Illinois. I was in my last year of law school and she was in her last year of graduate school. After graduation we both became employed in Georgia.  However last year she moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas to work for Nestle. Since that time she flies to Georgia every weekend to visit. I don’t fly out there much because there is nothing to do in Arkansas.

When I decided to propose I knew I initially wanted to do it outside. Nature has always been sacred to the both of us. So my plan was to propose at Atlanta’s Botanical Garden on Valentine Day weekend. I chose V-Day weekend because she would never expect I would propose during that time. Since I have made numerous comments about how commercialized it is. I told Afolabi I would be at the Gardens at 2pm.  However due to some unforeseen circumstances by the time we arrived it was 5pm, and they had just closed.  By this time I was panicking a little and called Afolabi on the phone (he was hiding nearby), advised him of the situation and told him I would do it at nearby Piedmont Park. He suggested I do it by the water, and it was perfect. She never saw him and she had no clue what was going on. She thought we were going on a horse and carriage ride through the park.

I had the privilege of taking pictures for the Atunnise family. Pastor Tim & Pastor Becky are the pastors of my church Global Visions Ministries. They are a down to earth family and like a second family to me. I had a great time with them along with their two kids Tomi and Yinka. Check out a few pics from the session Enjoy!

The A-Team | Piedmont Park

November 3, 2010 | Lifestyle, showcase | 14 Comments

A few weeks ago i did a shoot for the Akinkanju Fam (A-Team :)) which featured my good friend Titi and her siblings Bola and Ajibola. We had waaayy too much fun on this shoot which is really how it should be when 3 close siblings come together. It makes me want a family shoot as well! Thanks guys for being great sports! Check out a few pics from the day.


Timi @ almost 9 months | Atlanta

September 30, 2010 | Kids, Lifestyle, showcase | 20 Comments

Hello friends and family of mommy and daddy, I know it’s been a while since mommy and daddy put up some pictures of me but the truth is I’ve been keeping them vewwy vewwy busy. You see now I get around pweety fast using my crawl-mobile and it’s very effective but I hope to get my walking license soon so I can walk. I heard its vewwy vewwy fast. Well, I’ll like to share a little about me. I am much bigger, smarter, and can stand (oh yea with a little help from mommy and daddy). I like treasure hunting and putting little things in my mouth (most of them don’t taste that great but a crawler has no choice). I love milk and grown people food but hate the mushy stuff mommy and daddy try to give me sometimes. Every once in a while I’ll grab mommy or daddy’s legs and ask them to carry me so I can get a great aerial view of my surroundings. Its pweety cool and you should try it too. Overall, I love mommy and daddy because they take really good care of me and I get to do awesome photo shoots every month. Hopefully I’ll show you some more pictures next month so stay tuned like bugs bunny in Looney tunes. baah baah 🙂

Pollard Family – 3G’s

May 7, 2010 | Kids, Lifestyle, showcase | 12 Comments

A few weeks ago i had the opportunity to shoot such a unique session that featured three generations of lovely Pollards. It was a really beautiful and emotional session. It was also a tribute to mothers and their constant never ending love and affection. The Pollard’s were soo much fun and we really had a blast. Happy Mothers day to all the Beautiful and Caring moms out there! Check out a few of my favs

Geetha & Family

March 23, 2010 | Lifestyle, showcase | No Comments

Recently I took pictures for Geetha and her lovely family. This was not just a typical shoot it was one that signified victory, unity, and love. Geetha is a breast cancer survivor and her family got together to celebrate her 5th year anniversary. It was such a fun, happy, and love filled session. Below is a short story about Geetha & her family and off course my favorite pics from the session. Enjoy!

On the weekend of October 23, 2009, my family converged on Atlanta from all over the country to surprise me in a weekend of unbridled celebration! Was it a birthday? Of sorts you could say… You see, around this time, five years ago, i was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 27. Yet, I consider the date I was given that devastating cancer diagnosis to be my de facto BIRTH-day. Ironically, it was the experience of being ravaged by and fighting a life threatening illness that actually taught me how to live, love, value, and appreciate the countless blessings I have been given …I understood in a way I had never before, and that allows me to live more fully than I could have ever imagined. So it became my birthday, the first day of the rest of my amazing life. And through it all, there was my ever-loving, ever-devoted family…my very own cheering squad,and army, ready to do battle with me. As they always have, they loved me, supported me, encouraged me, made me laugh, made me feel strong, let me cry, yet never let me lose sight of God’s blessings. The loss and struggle that came with the cancer experience were transformative experiences not only for me as the patient, but also for my family. It is a profound shared life experience, impacting each of us in different ways, and has become an extraordinary chapter in the story of our family.

5 years later, we are triumphant! I love these pictures commemorating our reunion weekend because they capture so many milestones….so very many incredible things that our family has to celebrate that have happened in the last 5 years:

– All the girls Pretty in Pink for me (Geetha) kicking breast cancer’s butt!!!!
– I met Harry, the man of my dreams last year,…and got a “Spider-Man” kiss from him!
-The birth of my cousin Lakshmi and Jai’s amazing daughter Leena…and getting to play a rousing game of “Duck, Duck, Juice” with her!
– Welcome soon-to-be mommy and daddy Uma and James and their son! (see Uma’s belly bump =)
– Newlyweds Hari and Sheila (and gaining another loving sister!)
– And my incredible little sister Sheila who is rocking grad school and passed her Boards…and who continues to teach me, her big sis, about life.

Our reunion weekend was a celebration not only of each of us individually…but more importantly, a celebration of our family and the amazing qualities we share together:

We find strength and support in each other
We love each other unconditionally.
We stand by one another
We each love our niece (and future nephew!) as our very own children
We are each others’ biggest fans
We revel in laughter
We celebrate life exuberantly
We are fiercely devoted to each other
We know family is a Divine gift, and we cherish each other.

Recently I did a shoot for Brian Cobb an author who is publishing his first novel. I have to admit it was something new to me but i was definitely happy with the outcome. Check out a few shots from the session.

About the Author
Brian “B.” Cobb is originally from Washington, DC. He now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Brian is a graduate of Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. In 2005, Brian successfully co-founded Cobb Publishing Group, LLC (CPG). CPG focuses on writing, editing, and publishing authors in the Atlanta metro area.

About the Book
Freshman 15 is a novel series created by B. Cobb. It tells a story of 15 young women that are put to the test of the early freedoms and harsh realities of college life. Love, hate, comedy, friendship, sisterhood, obesity, drug abuse, homicide, pregnancy, theft and financial hardship are some of the challenges these fifteen girls experience in their first semester of college. No matter if you’ve attended a big university, a community college, or haven’t attended college at all, the struggles of life are universal. Every reader can relate to this book. This novel series is what book stores have been waiting on