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Tracy saw my work through another client i had worked with in the past and was excited about getting engagement session pictures done. He really wanted the session to reflect the nature of their relationship and by the time we were through i knew we had done just that. I really had a great time with Tracy and Tisa because they were soo relaxed the entire time and were just themselves. Tracy and Tisa are getting married later this year. Congrats guys and wish you a happy married life!

Lorretta & James E-Session

April 14, 2010 | Engagement Sessions, showcase | 16 Comments

I did an E-session for Lorretta & James recently and came to the conclusion that no matter how long it takes you can still find true love and Happiness. Both Lorretta and James already had families of their own but somehow they were able to find each other. During the session it was really evident that they were meant for each other. Congrats guys and looking forward to the wedding in July! Below is a short story on how they met and a few of shots from the session.

During Thanksgiving season of 2008 James was shopping and planning the meal with his daughter and family. James said a prayer and asked for a partner in his life to share future holidays with moving forward. I happened to have log on to an on line dating site for only the third time to look around and THERE HE WAS!  His NEW profile was sweet, endearing and heartfelt.  I could tell he was a great man from the brief description. We met the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and went on our first date the Friday after.  Our FIRST date was actually an all day event.  Starting with a workout at the gym, lunch, museum and then out for live blues. It was unforgettable and sparked our love for each other as the days and months past.  James and I both have busy schedules, careers, kids and family but we always find time to connect with each other for those special moments that will last forever.

Yemi & Bukky Engaged

April 6, 2010 | Engagement Sessions, showcase | 18 Comments

Yemi is a great friend of mine and we go waaaaay back…back when marriage was not even in our “Top 100” things to Now i am married and he’s getting ready to do the same. When he got engaged to his lovely fiancé Buky i told him i had to do his engagement session but he actually did not have a choice :). We had a great time at Stone Mountain Park and the weather was just right. Looking forward to the wedding in December and wish you both the very best!

Lance & Crissy Engaged

March 23, 2010 | Engagement Sessions, showcase | No Comments

I met Crissy through a mutual friend so “technically” I consider Crissy my friend also :). Crissy contacted me a few months ago about her wedding and wanted me to be her photographer. I was very excited about the opportunity and happy to be part of her special day. Crissy is a gentle, kind and fun person and Lance is such a great husband to be. When i met up with both of them i noticed how great a match they were because their personalities complimented each other so well. The shoot took place at STATS Atlanta (their fav hangout spot) and at Centennial Olympic Park. We had an awesome and fun time. Congrats guys and looking forward to your wedding. Below is a short story of how the couple met and off course a few shots from the session. Enjoy!

Lance and Crissy went to Georgia Southern University and attended the same graduation ceremony, but they didn’t actually meet until they both moved to Atlanta. They remember seeing eachother in the GSU athletic center though – Lance attended a weightlifting class next to a volleyball class that Crissy taught. “She always wore blue Adidas shorts.” … “He was always reading or studying before class.” A mutual friend brought Lance to Crissy’s birthday celebration about two years ago and it was then that they became friends. They quickly began seeing more and more of eachother and soon became “official.” Today, Lance and Crissy can’t imagine their lives without one another and feel truly blessed in life and love. Their big day is in July and they can’t wait to say “I do!”

First, happy new year to everyone! This is my first post this year. I know I have been MIA but I have a good excuse :). My wife and i had a baby a few weeks ago so it’s been quite hectic. We are getting a hang of the change so things are getting back to normal. Now that has been said let me introduce you to a very lovely couple Liz & Nosaa!

I’ve known Liz for some time now and when she asked me to take her engagement/wedding pictures i was pretty excited. I met Nosaa for the first time during the engagement shoot and immediately knew they were meant for each other. Looking at both of them interact I literally felt they just fell in love that same day. They are a fun and loving couple. I wish you guys they very best in your marriage. Liz and Nosaa tied the knot on Dec 12th and the wedding was really fun. I will be posting some wedding pics soon so stay tuned! Below are a few of my fav pics from the engagement session. Enjoy!

Monica & Isaiah are two really fun people. I had a blast taking their pictures and they needed almost no direction. They just came out and had fun and acted as if i was not even there. They are getting married in august and am looking forward to their wedding day. Below is a short story of how they met and some of my fav pics. Also included a slide show at the end that has more pics. Enjoy!

Isaiah and I met in November 2006 while we were hanging out with friends in downtown Atlanta. We noticed each other from across the room. And totally out of character for Isaiah, he approached me, we began talking. He possesed a sweet, honest, kind disposition that was rare. We were immediately comfortable with each other and we talked most the the evening. We exchanged numbers and became friends. Not long, our friendship blossomed into romance and we began dating. On March 28, 2009 Isaiah proposed on a private beach on Grand Bahama Island. We are thrilled and planning our 2010 wedding!

A few weeks ago i did an engagement session for Maliha & Chris and there was soo much love between both of them that it seemed like some sort of love photo We had a blast and i enjoyed every moment. The shoot took place at turner field and at grant park. Maliha and Chris were definitely destined for each other as you will see in the short story below. Check out a few of my fav pics. Enjoy!

Chris and I met on our first day of classes at Emory University. During the standard introductions in our freshman seminar class, my ears perked up when this cute boy sitting across the circle said he was from Marietta – my home town. We started talking, which soon lead to walking to and from class together (even though we were both coming from and going to very different places on campus!). The chemistry was unmistakable from the beginning. We spent time together for over a year and eventually went our separate ways.
Several years later, we found ourselves at a party for a mutual friend. Despite the time apart, the chemistry was still there and just as intense as ever. As we all know, however, timing is everything, and it was another year before we were able to see each other again.
Finally, in August of 2007, we reconnected with dinner and a movie. We both had a great time catching up but it wasn’t until the end of the night when my tire popped and Chris insisted on changing it (despite the wonderful Georgia humidity) that I knew he was the one.

Alicia & Matt Engaged

March 23, 2010 | Engagement Sessions, showcase | No Comments

A few weeks ago i did an engagement session for Alicia & Matt. I had a great time taking Alicia and Matt’s love pictures 🙂 They are a very fun and loving couple. The shoot took place at little five points and at Candler Park. Check out a few of my fav shots and also a little about Alicia & Matt.

Alicia and Matt met before a homecoming football game at the university they both attended, Western Michigan University. A mutual friend introduced them, and Matt was smitten. He found her on Facebook and that was the beginning of the end—the end of their single lives. After their first date at a burger joint followed by miniature golf and arcade games, they knew that something special was beginning.
When Alicia got into graduate school at the University of Georgia two years later, they took the plunge and Matt moved with her to Georgia. After Alicia finished grad school they moved to Atlanta where they now live with their puppy Kali and two cats. A few months after the move to Atlanta, Matt popped the question and now they are excitedly planning their elopement followed by celebrations in Georgia and