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Seasons greeting folks!  Tomorrow is Christmas which make this post perfect. It’s a proposal done at the amazing Garden Lights Holiday Nights at the Atlanta Botanical Garden! Dhaval successfully surprised Neepa with the best Christmas gift she could have ever hoped for. Congrats guys. I wish you both the very best. I wish you all a Merry Chrismas and a wonderful New Year! Enjoy! Thank you soo much for all you comments and support this year. God bless you all!!!!!

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6. Dhaval & Neepa Surprise Proposal



A few shots of the couple before the proposal with me pretending to be the event photographer 🙂

10. Dhaval & Neepa Surprise Proposal


I handed one of my camera’s to the couple to check out the picture i just took.


Here comes the surprise. I took a picture of the ring earlier. Dhaval showed Neepa the ring on the camera!

13. Dhaval & Neepa Surprise Proposal



17. Dhaval & Neepa Surprise Proposal



21. Dhaval & Neepa Surprise Proposal





25. Dhaval & Neepa Surprise Proposal


27. Dhaval & Neepa Surprise Proposal






35. Dhaval & Neepa Surprise Proposal


37. Dhaval & Neepa Surprise Proposal

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Hello Friends! Thanks for dropping by. Today i have a surprise proposal to share!

Kam is a fellow wedding photographer and has assisted me in the past so i was excited when she contacted me about doing a shoot for her. I know you are probably wondering why she would contact me to cover a surprise proposal that she is not supposed to know about?…lol. Well, as with all proposals there is always a behind the scenes story. Kam and Dion have always wanted to take proffesional pictures together which worked to Dion’s advantage in his plan to surprise Kam. Kam’s birthday was coming up so they decided they would like to do a shoot just for fun and to celebrate Kam’s birthday. Dion contacted me shortly after to explain his grand plan. His plan was for her to just believe they would do a shoot and go to dinner after the shoot. However the real plan was after the shoot he would make a pit stop at her parents house to pick something up (cover up ) but all her close friends and family would be there waiting to surprise her for her birthday party. The second part of the surprise was to propose to her and offcourse she had absolutely no idea this was going to happen. At the end of the day everything worked out perfectly! I had so much fun with them on the shoot and glad i could capture the big surprise. Congrats guys! Check out some of the pictures from the day!

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Surprise birthday up next!

She was also shocked and surprised that her dad flew in from out of town!

 Nervous before the big moment 🙂

Congrats Kam & Dion!

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