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When i first spoke to Treecie and Joe over the phone i knew i wanted to take their pictures. They are two really cool people which means great shots will be a piece of cake :). I’ve only met them once but i really feel like I’ve known them much longer.  Joe proposed to Treecie at the beautiful Sweetwater park.  We started the e-session at that same park then took a trip back to the city to get some amazing shots at the Shout rooftop lounge. I really had a great time with Treecie and Joe. Congrats guys on your engagement.  Check out the story on how the relationship started. Enjoy!

Joe and I met through mutual friends one year ago, but we actually crossed paths several times in the past. We both attended the same middle school and high school, but the age difference kept us from ever getting to know each other. Fast forward approximately nine years later, mutual friends suggested that we would be perfect for each other. Little did they know, their skills at matchmaking were better than anyone could have ever imagined. After our first phone conversation, it was evident to both of us that we needed to look no further for love.On our one year anniversary of dating, Joe planned a romantic picnic at Sweetwater Park. After taking a long hike to an unknown destination, we found the perfect location next to the flowing stream. After indulging into the lunch we packed, Joe told me he needed to ask me an important question. He then got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

There is nothing that could make me happier. I truly believe that we are both better people because we have each other.

The exact spot Joe proposed to Treecie.

Treecie probably telling Joe he is a bad actor …lol

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