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Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead Wedding Photographer

Emmanuel and I met at Jubilee Christian Church International during my high school senior year in 2007 and we would say hi to each other at church in passing and had several mutual friends. In November 2014, I went to Nigeria to visit my grandmother and family and was discouraged from going by myself from so many people. I prayed to God for safe journey mercies and if I made it to Nigeria nad back to the U.S. safely, I will give a testimony. When I got back from Nigeria safe and sound, I gave a testimony at church about my trip. After church service, Emmanuel approached me and told me he heard my testimony and asked about my trip to Nigeria. I told him about my trip and we had a great conversation. Later that week, he asked me for my number on Facebook. From then on we got to know each other better.
About the proposal:

Emmanuel and I went ring shopping in November 2016, we designed and picked out a ring together. Emmanuel original plan was to propose to me on my graduation day December 14,2016. He had the jewelry store call me and convinced me that I wouldn’t be able to get my ring, which Emmanuel was the master mind behind. I was stressing about it and Emmanuel didn’t want me to stress since I was approaching my final exam.So on December 3,2016, Emmanuel prepared a nice delicious meal after I had a rough shift at work and proposed to me with the ring of my dreams, which earlier he had me under the impression I was not getting and I cried and said YES! I thank God for blessing me with Emmanuel, he truly is my other half that I cannot live without and look forward to our happily ever after.

Location: 3300 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305.

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