Atlanta Wedding Photographer Georgian Terrace bridesmaids
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Atlanta Wedding Photographer Georgian Terrace bridesmaids

Brandon and I met on an online dating app. What is interesting is that I had almost given up using the app as a way to meet new people. Brandon happened to be the last person that messaged me before I deactivated my account. We conversed for about a month before we finally decided to go on a date. Our first date was at a restaurant and bar in San Antonio, TX. We instantly hit it off. After dating for about 3 months, I got word of an excellent opportunity that required me to relocate to Hawaii. Brandon and I decided we would commit to a long distance relationship.
After over a year being apart, we decided we would take a cruise. The night before we were to sail off, Brandon took me to a restaurant in the Pearl District of San Antonio. After dinner, Brandon suggested that we walk around and take in the beautiful scenery. During our walk, Brandon shared his plans in life and how he wanted me to be a part of it. He also expressed our deep love for each other. As we headed back to the car to return home, Brandon stopped once more. This time, he was on one knee with a white box in his hands, and the words “Will you marry me,” came out of his mouth. Filled with joy and excitement, I shouted “YES!”

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