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Hello Everyone! Switching gears today and bringing you an amazing surprise proposal. It’s no secret I love surprise proposals and I have covered a few in the past. This one was special because I happen to know the soon to be bride and groom! I’ve known Samuel for about 10 years so I’ve seen him transition from a teen to a Man. When he told me about his big plan I was so excited and could not wait to capture the proposal. We laid out our plan and with the help of his friends we executed it perfectly. I usually share the proposal story all at once for you to read before viewing the pictures but today I am going to do it differently. I will break the story up and put them next to the image to fits the part of the story best. Congrats to Samuel and Bukky! I wish you both the very best.  Check out the images and story below (Bukky’s version). Enjoy!

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So I have always loved ferris wheels, so i have been bugging him for months to take me on the Atlanta Skyview (a ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta). He finally agreed to take me on friday and then we planned to head to a friend’s birthday dinner afterwards. On our way to Skyview i noticed that he was acting weird….quiet, not really paying attention, etc. I asked what was wrong and he said he was tired so i let it go. We went on the ferris wheel as planned (LOVED IT! lol)

1. Samuel + Bukky Surprise Proposal | SkyView Atlanta| Centennial Olympic Park | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

After he suggested that we walk over to Centennial Olympic Park by the water fountains.

When we got there i told him that we needed to take a break and sit by the benches (My feet hurt, lol).

while we were sitting there i heard our song (Joe-No one else comes close:)) And i looked at him and said it was odd because its a slow song and its an old song for them to be playing at the park.

He suggested we go closer the fountain…

..and when we got down there i saw one of his friends (Dj Ecool) standing behind a speaker

By the time i turned to him and asked what was going on he had started his “proposal speech” and then the tears came! lol.

I saw Steve (Fotos by Fola) with a camera….

He got on his knee…

…. then i heard screaming and shouting and looked up to see a huge crowd of our family and friends running towards us!!!!

Of course i said yes and he put the ring (AKA Rock) on my finger!

We have been dating since we were 16, so it was truly the best moment of my life as the man of my dreams asked me to become his queen just as the sun set in the background, the water fountain erupted, and family and friends cheered and supported us.

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Hello! Excited to share that Ashley and Phillip’s Engagement Session was featured on ! Make sure you swing by to check it out. It was such a great session. Looking forward to their wedding in a few months.

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Ashley + Phillip on Engagement Session Essence  | Fotos by Fola | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I have a lovely E-session on the blog today featuring Ayanna & Anthony. They both went to Georgia Southern University. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ve probably noticed I’ve shoot sooooo many GSU alums. Ayanna & Anthony actually know a few of my past GSU clients. Shout out to the GSU alums out there! You guys are always so lively and fun. For this shoot the couple wanted a blend of casual, city and architectural so we chose a few venues that matched the criteria.  I met Ayanna and Anthony for the first time during the shoot and we hit it off instantly. They are both really cool people to hang with making the shoot effortless. When it comes to doing shoots you really don’t know what to expect and in this shoot there were no dull moments. Truly looking forward to their wedding later in the year. Check out some images from the shoot and their story below. Enjoy!

How they met

After four years of attending Georgia Southern University and living in the same city, it was an unplanned meeting at La Parilla Mexican Restaurant that introduced Anthony to Ayanna.
After a long day at work, Ayanna was invited by her co-worker to join a group of her friends for casual Mexican dinner and fun night out. Normally, Ayanna would have chosen to head home and curl up with a good book, but something in the back of her mind urged her to “live a little.” It also doesn’t hurt that her favorite food is Mexican.
Ayanna arrived at the restaurant and searched for her party but didn’t see anyone she knew. She did however, recognize two familiar faces at the bar that she couldn’t place. Unbeknownst to her, she was staring her future husband in the face. Anthony was sitting at the bar with his best friend when Ayanna walked in. When he saw her he thought to himself “She’s Gorgeous”. Eventually, their mutual friends arrived and the two were introduced for the first time.
Following their first encounter, Anthony and Ayanna bumped into each other at two separate events in less than a weeks’ time. Anthony being a big believer in fate, made his move during their third encounter and asked Ayanna for a date and her phone number. Luckily, each of their previous encounters had given Ayanna a glimpse into Anthony’s genuine and caring nature so she happily agreed.
Anthony hoping to show Ayanna a great time selected upscale Italian restaurant, Pricci for their first date. His restaurant choice was the perfect icebreaker because neither of them were huge fans of the fancy cuisine. That night conversation flowed and sparks flew! At the end of the night, Anthony asked Ayanna, “When can I see you again?” and he continued to ask at the end of every date until he finally asked her to be his wife.
It was truly destined for their two paths to cross. And, they both agree that this match could only be the work of God and his angels.

The proposal

After spending the entire week driving all over Georgia (Ayanna was on a business trip in D.C. and had no clue) to speak with Ayanna’s family in-person to ask for her hand. Anthony set his proposal plan in motion.
Because he planned to propose in their new home, he enlisted the help of her best friend to keep her distracted all day while he prepared.
Later that afternoon, Anthony rescued Ayanna from a long day of shopping and the two went for a romantic dinner in Virginia Highlands. After a night of great food and reminiscing the two headed home.
Upon arrival, Ayanna noticed a pumpkin by the door and was so excited and completely distracted because she was ready to start carving. But, with a little urging Anthony finally convinced her to leave the pumpkin and head inside. Once inside Ayanna heard Beyoncé 1+1 blaring and walked upstairs to beautiful candles, rose petals and huge bouquets all over the room. Shocked Ayanna still had no clue what was happening until Anthony dropped to his knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. She replied by screaming and crying yes over and over again.
Afterwards he sat her down to watch a compilation of congratulatory video messages from both of their families and close friends. It was the most special and happiest night of their lives thus far!

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1. Ayanna + Anthony

Congrats guys!!


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