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When Angela first contacted me she was really specific about how she wanted her engagement session to be like. I simply told her “be yourself” and it would be great. After we were done with the session i knew that was accomplished because they literally interacted like it was any other day. Angela and Patrick are two down to earth people that just like to have a good time. We basically hung out during the session and i honestly had a great time with both of them. The session took place at Lenox Park Atlanta. Want to thank Fred & Wunmi of F & W Style for revealing this beautiful secret location. Much appreciated guys!

Below is a short story on how Angela & Patrick met as well as my faves from the session. Enjoy.

Angela and Patrick met through Patrick’s sister, Joi (who was also Angela’s college roommate), while Angela was visiting the Atlanta area for a weekend trip. Although the initial encounter was a simple, informal greeting of “Hello, I am___, nice to meet you,” Angela had no idea that Patrick had later asked Joi about her.  Later that same night at the dance party, Angela and Patrick engaged in conversation and even shared a dance. Sparks started to fly after Patrick attended the graduation of Angela and Joi at Georgia Southern University.  After more conversation, Angela and Patrick insisted that they would become friends once Angela moved to Atlanta.  While in Atlanta on a job interview before the move, Angela called Patrick and invited him to a lunch date.  He accepted and they became best friends from there!  A few months later, those sparks turned into fireworks!  Patrick told Angela it was “time to take her off the open market” and now, they are engaged and ready for a rockin’ marriage ahead!  They will wed in beautiful Savannah, Georgia in July 2011!

Recently i shot a surprise proposal at Piedmont Park Atlanta. I really enjoy capturing these types moments because you always get a once in a lifetime reaction. You always hear about the master proposal plan but sometimes it might just have to be tweaked because things don’t turn out exactly as planned. This was the case with this proposal. Keith had the vision of it happening at Atlanta Botanical Gardens but Tatiana’s flight arrival time was extended and by the time they arrived at the location it was closed. Now on to plan B.  Keith made a quick decision to propose at the near by Piedmont Park.  I got to do some stealth mission photography since my goal was not to be seen until the proposal begins. At the end of the day everything worked out and Tatiana said YES! Check out the pictures below and also a short story on Keith’s plan from the start.  Enjoy!

Tatiana and I met in 2007 at the University of Illinois. I was in my last year of law school and she was in her last year of graduate school. After graduation we both became employed in Georgia.  However last year she moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas to work for Nestle. Since that time she flies to Georgia every weekend to visit. I don’t fly out there much because there is nothing to do in Arkansas.

When I decided to propose I knew I initially wanted to do it outside. Nature has always been sacred to the both of us. So my plan was to propose at Atlanta’s Botanical Garden on Valentine Day weekend. I chose V-Day weekend because she would never expect I would propose during that time. Since I have made numerous comments about how commercialized it is. I told Afolabi I would be at the Gardens at 2pm.  However due to some unforeseen circumstances by the time we arrived it was 5pm, and they had just closed.  By this time I was panicking a little and called Afolabi on the phone (he was hiding nearby), advised him of the situation and told him I would do it at nearby Piedmont Park. He suggested I do it by the water, and it was perfect. She never saw him and she had no clue what was going on. She thought we were going on a horse and carriage ride through the park.